AAAI-11 Workshop on Analyzing Microtext: Presentations


  • Aha, D.W. Introduction [Slides]

Invited Talks

  • Chowdhury, A. The Flow of Real-Time Information [Slides not yet available]
  • Duffy, L. Chatrooms, IM, Tweets, and Iconic Language: An Analysis of Navy Echelon Differences and the Role of the Written Word in Warfare [Slides not yet available]
  • Ellen, J. All About Microtext: Philosophy and a Survey of Current Results [Slides]
  • Elsner, M. Dialogue Structure in Microtext [Slides]
  • Martell, C. "Cheap" Tricks for NLP: An "Invited" Talk [Slides]


  • Carpenter, T., & Fujioka, E. The Role and Identification of Dialog Acts in Online Chat [Paper][Poster]
  • Dent, K., & Paul, S. Through the Twitter Glass: Detecting Questions in Micro-text [Paper][Slides]
  • Duchon, A., McCormack, R., Riordan, B., Shabarekh, C., Weil, S., & Yohai, I. Analysis of C2 and "C2-Lite" Micro-message Communications [Paper][Slides]
  • Foster, J., Çetinoğlu, Ö., Wagner, J., Le Roux, J., Hogan, S., Nivre, J., Hogan, D., & van Genabith, J. #hardtoparse: POS Tagging and Parsing the Twitterverse [Paper][Slides]
  • Galitsky, B.A., Dobrocsi, G., & de la Rosa, J.L. Learning Ontologies from the Web for Microtext Processing [Paper][Poster]
  • Kelly, C.A., Janneck, C.D., & Pottenger, W.M. Statistical Relational Learning Technologies for Microtext Applications [Paper unavailable][Poster not yet available]
  • Markman, V. Unsupervised Discovery of Fine-Grained Topic Clusters in Twitter Posts [Paper][Poster]
  • Mustafaraj, E., & Metaxas, P.T. What Edited Retweets Reveal about Online Political Discourse [Paper][Poster not yet available]
  • Peddinti, V.M.K. & Chintalapoodi, P. Domain Adaptation in Sentiment Analysis of Twitter [Paper][Poster]
  • Ramachandran, S., Jensen, R., Bascara, O., Carpenter, T., Denning, T., & Sucillon, S. Untangling Topic Threads in Chat-Based Communication: A Case Study [Paper][Poster unavailable]
  • Sajnani, H., Javanmardi, S., McDonald, D., & Lopes, C.V. Multi-Label Classification of Short Text: A Study on Wikipedia Barnstars [Paper][Slides not yet available]
  • Strzalkowski, T., Broadwell, G.A., Stromer-Galley, J., Shaikh, S., Liu, T., & Taylor, S. Modeling Socio-Cultural Phenomena in Online Multi-Party Discourse [Paper][Poster not yet available]
  • Tang, Y.-J., Li, C.-Y., & Chen, H.-H. A Comparison between Microblog Corpus and Balanced Corpus from Linguistic and Sentimental Perspectives [Paper][Poster]
  • Xue, Z., Yin, D., & Davison, B.D. Normalizing Microtext [Paper][Slides]
  • Young, J., Martell, C., & Gilbert IV, H.T. A Microtext Corpus for Persuasion Detection in Dialog [Paper][Slides]
  • Zhang, R., Gao, D., & Li, W. What Are Tweeters Doing: Recognizing Speech Acts in Twitter [Paper][Poster]

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